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Products built to Optimize Impact

Identify investment risks and opportunities that are undetected by traditional financial data Optimize impact investment strategies. Enable strategic resource allocation.

Creating a Data Ecosystem

Strengthen your Portfolio

Find the best investment opportunities. Mitigate risk. Gain insights into ecosystems.

Enhance Operational Performance

Decrease supply chain risk and increase Operational Efficiency.

Define, Measure & Manage your Impact

Improve your digital transformation efforts and implement monitoring and evaluation capabilities

Our Platform


GnoSys is a data analytics and impact intelligence platform that allows organizations to mitigate ESG risks as well as understand, optimize and improve their social impact
We mine public data and unique and alternative data to inform investors & asset allocators
Collect real-time program data and track the performance of your impact
All data is analyzed by machine learning and AI to reveal additional value
With real-time updates, our platform facilitates reporting and impact analysis

Our Edge

How we are the ideal Data Partner for you

A Systems Approach
We evaluate entire ecosystems and take a portfolio approach in our analysis
Context Driven
We personalize and customize our products according to your needs
Easy to Understand
We create engaging visuals to help you understand data better
Actionable Insights
We provide business intelligence that is data driven and human centered

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